My name is Alexandra Joy Fabbian, and I’m a shattered excuse for a human-being. Welcome to my process. Nothing on here is written for anyone but myself, my journey, the total reforming and reshaping of my flawed existence. If by some miracle it happens to inspire, evoke, or motivate some sort of emotion or change or understanding for you then awesome. So glad my inner voice could be of some use. If it doesn’t, and you just think I’m an annoying fleshbag with a bad sense of direction and an inability to write well, awesome. Thanks for stopping in, I hope you can find the value you’re seeking.

A little more about myself… I’m what you’d refer to as a twenty-seven-year-old with an identity crisis. I say ‘with’ and not ‘in’ because it seems to have taken on its own persona. My identity crisis has more of an identity than I do. Lucky it. I’ve spent the majority of my life unsure of who I really am… making occupations, activities, hobbies, struggles, and people dictate what my identification was. And little by little they all end up ripped from my hands as if someone has been constantly trying to shake some sense into me.

There doesn’t seem to be much motivation in me to write anything else about myself on this page… mostly because if you stick around long enough you’ll learn more about who I am as I learn more about who I am through all of this written processing. So here’s to that discovery.

[all photos are shot on 35mm film by me]


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