Open spaces are important for the soul. We need the air, we need the vastness and the grandeur of distance to remind our hearts that perspective can heal a multitude of wounds. Life is lived often times in compartments. Everything stays separated in their own individual boxes. Family in one. Friends in another. Work. Play. Logic. Emotion. But when we’re out in the open the walls of those boxes are permeable and everything begins to mesh together. That’s when we see the connections between things we didn’t realize were connected. That’s the beginning of perspective.

Something magical happens when you can sit in a beautiful place with room to breath and a grand view to stare at. Something changes inside. All the chaos and torment and pain seems to be soothed. The inner screaming and tugging between the head and the heart cease and the tight grip around your lungs loosens and there’s breath. There’s magic in that breath. And why is it soothed? Because you can see. When there’s nothing between you and those mountains, when there aren’t any trees to hinder you communicating with the night sky, suddenly the same is true for your life. Suddenly the connections between where you are, where you were, and where you want to be all become clearer. That mountain you have to climb doesn’t seem so impossible. Those valleys you went through no longer hold shadow over you. And all the experiences along the way, tough and tender, glow with the light they’ve added to your life.

There’s purpose in the suffocating spaces. Purpose in being surrounded by trees and unable to see beyond the trail. The city has its meaning too. Space to breath becomes less magnificent when you don’t have reason to appreciate it. Life cannot be lived at the top of the mountain, otherwise the normalcy of it sets in and perspective is no longer gained. Perspective should never be taken for granted.

Without taking a step back we are unable to remember what is most important to us. Without taking a step back we forget to appreciate all the little things along the way. We need to stop life sometimes in order to pursue life fully.


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