“I enjoy film because it mimics what I’ve learned about life… You can’t create the light you’re trying to capture. Nothing in you can make the light better or different or brighter, but how you capture it will effect the perception of the light in the moment that you snap your shutter. Up until that moment you can make adjustments based on your knowledge of the tool provided for you, try to expose it properly or in the desired manner. I feel like we have these moments in life, catalyst moments, that effect the trajectory of your journey and the journey of those around you, and the way you capture that moment for yourself will effect not only your perception of the meaning in it but also the perceptions of the select people you allow to share in that moment (days, months, or years down the path.) The moment will happen no matter what, and you can either catch it quickly and rashly with little thought, or you can choose to take your time to document it well, expose it properly, and hope that what comes out the other side is worth the thought and patience you put into it… and hope the effect it had on you will be worth the effect it will have on those select people.”

-April 25, 2016-


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